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  • Precautions for Tapping Machine

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    Tapping machines are widely used in drilling and tapping of porous parts with good precision and high efficiency. However, due to the different states of each tap, it often happens that individual taps are worn first to increase torque and break. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the use of tapping machines. The following Yixin Precision Metal and Plastic Ltd will briefly introduce the common problems and solutions of tapping machines:

    First, the use of tapping machine

    (1) Generally, the side of the workpiece to be tapped should be clamped to facilitate judgment and keeping the tap perpendicular to the workpiece.

    (2) When tapping threads, set the tap straight, observe whether the tap is perpendicular to the workpiece from the front or side, and correct it with a square when necessary.

    (3) If the tap is incorrect at the beginning of tapping, the tap can be screwed out to correct and then tapped with a head cone. When the tap is cut, it can be screwed in naturally by the thread.

    (4) The force should be evenly balanced, and avoid overexertion and left-right shaking. Otherwise, it is easy to tear the thread profile and cause the thread hole to expand and taper, and the tap will be broken.

    (5) Turn the screw tap out after loosening with the reaming bar to prevent the screw tap from swinging and vibrating when exiting, thus damaging the surface roughness of the screw thread.

    Second, the tapping machine failure reason

    (1) The tap is worn, the cutting edge is passivated, and the tapping torque is constantly increasing. If the tap is not withdrawn in time to a certain extent, the tap will break.

    (2) In the tapping process, chips block the tap, and the additional tapping torque increases sharply. If chips cannot be further discharged, the tap will not reverse and withdraw, and the tap will break due to excessive torque.

    (3) The material of the workpiece is uneven. When the torque of the tap increases, the tap needs to be reversed and withdrawn, otherwise the tap will break. Under normal circumstances, the tap can break through this part of material and continue tapping.

    (4) The tapping torque is larger than normal due to the mistake of tapping technology, which leads to the abrasion and fracture of tap.

    Three, tapping machine solution

    (1) The reasons for the rapid wear of taps are mostly caused by uneven materials and insufficient extreme pressure and wear resistance of tapping oil. The solution is to change the tap or choose special tapping oil.

    (2) The problem that the workpiece precision is not high and the tap is seriously worn or even fractured due to incorrect tapping technology. The process plan should be corrected in time and the process parameters should be adjusted to reduce the tap load.

    (3) Tap fracture due to uneven workpiece material. The solution is to reduce the tapping speed and reduce the impact of taps caused by uneven workpiece materials.

    Common faults of tapping machine can be divided into tap wear, chip blockage, uneven materials, tapping process errors, etc. It is very important to effectively identify and judge tapping machine problems to improve tapping quality and efficiency.

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