Problems Associated with CNC Aluminium Machining

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Although CNC Parts are far better due to an accurate machining process, CNC aluminium parts pose a problem during the manufacturing process. The most prominent problem faced during CNC machining of Aluminium parts is overheating, which cases the part to deform and sometimes melt. 

This happens because not all Aluminium alloys are suitable for machining, also selecting an appropriate feed rate and tool is extremely important for creating CNC aluminium parts. Only an experienced CNC operator can work on aluminium parts and select appropriate cutting parameters in order to ensure the best results. 

At YI XIN Precision, all our employees are trained to create custom machined parts according to your needs. In addition to selecting the appropriate parameters, there are several other techniques that can improve the results, some of them are as follows:

Symmetrical Machining

With this technique, heat is distributed more evenly across the work piece resulting in better heat dissipation. With this technique, we can avoid heat concentration on the part which would ultimately reduce deformation of the machined part.   

Stratified Machining

In this method, cavities in the work piece are dealt with at the same time, making it harder for the uneven forces to deform the part. With the application of uniform force, stress concentrations in the part will be reduced which would increase the lifecycle of the part.

Optimization of the Cutting Tools

It is obvious that the properties of the cutting tool would play an important role in the machining process.