The Difference Between Silk Screen Printing and Pad Printing

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Pad printing is a type of silk screen printing, which can print in the curved surface, as well as in the plane.Pad printing is a corrosion pattern on the steel plate, and then transferred to the substrate by the plastic head, the advantages are suitable for large and small products, and a variety of strange shaped products, but the shortcomings are no hand-feeling and the ink layer is relatively thin. Silk screen printing is printed on the substrate by the screen printing pattern. The advantages of silk screen printing are hand-feeling, and it can be screen printed on a large plane. The shortcomings are not suitable for special-shaped products. The silk screen printing ink layer is relatively thick.

The characteristics of pad printing

1.Suitable for curved surface printing, the flexible silicone rubber printing head can print on the secondary, cubic surface, concave and convex surface, etc.

2.It can print finer graphics, generally can print 0.05mm thin lines.

3.The printing is stable and continuous,the technology is printed for a long time, and the printing precision will not change.

4.Eliminating the drying process, continuous multi-color printing

5.Wide printing range.

The characteristics of silk screen

1.The substrate is wide, curved or flat, hard or soft, and can be printed large or small. In addition, the silk screen can be printed on a fragile and easily deformable substrate due to low pressure.

2.The ink layer is thick and has strong hiding power.

3.A strong sense of three-dimensional.

4.Good light resistance. .

5.The inks that can be used are quite extensive.

6.The format is large: the maximum size of the silk screen has reached  3M-4M or even larger.

7.The printing plate has greater flexibility.