The Five Advantages of the Anodized Products

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As we all know that the aluminum material is very suitable to do the anodizing surface finish, because there are many advantages of the anodized products:

1. The bottom layer for painting and electroplating: due to the porous and good adsorption capacity of the oxidation film layer, it has good adhesion with paint film and organic film, and can be used as the bottom layer for painting. The film layer anodized by aluminum phosphate can be used as the bottom layer of aluminum plating.

2. Prevent corrosion of products: the film obtained by anodizing aluminum has been properly sealed and has good stability in the atmosphere. Aluminum anodized films obtained from sulfuric acid solution, oxalic acid solution or chromic acid solution in normal process have good corrosion resistance.

3. The protective decoration: after obtaining the oxide film with high transparency, oxide film has can adsorb many organic dye or the characteristics of inorganic pigments, oxide film can be obtained on all sorts of bright color and design, and in recent years, the emergence of many new technology such as oxidation coloring, fireworks pattern and wood grain, offset printing, transfer printing, ceramic oxide oxidation, etc., to make aluminum appearance more beautiful and pleasing to the eye, color film is adornment layer, the layer and corrosion protective layer, such as lighters, the fountain and crafts.

4Hard wear-resisting layer: as in sulfuric acid or oxalic acid solution can be by adjusting the anodic oxidation process conditions, obtain the thick and hard membrane layer, use of film hole and selective absorption performance to store oil, effectively applied to the working condition of friction condition, at the same time has the characteristics of lubrication and wear resistance, such as automobile and tractor engine cylinder, piston, etc.

5. As electric insulation: aluminum anodic oxide film layer has the characteristics of resistance is big, the thickness of the film is proportional to the resistance, the characteristic as electric insulation has a certain practical significance, and can be used as a dielectric capacitor, also can make the outer sheath of the cable with aluminium oxide skin, for its surface insulation instead of a plastic cover and plastic wrapping is more popular in foreign countries, when the film thickness of 27.5 microns, the voltage of 441V using phenolic resin as film hole filling, its durability voltage can be increased 2 times, in oxalic acid solution, when the film thickness increases, the resistance can be obtained 200 Ω, high-quality insulation breakdown voltage of 980V, using this feature, of course, in addition to used in wire, can also be used for other electrical appliances, etc

So usually we will suggest the customers to do the anodizing for the aluminum parts. Sure sometimes it is up to the customers’ specific requirement about their products.